Revisions anime season 2 release date

It was an anime many audiences were skeptical about in the first episode. The newest sci-fi anime to release on Netflix, Revisionstook some risks in both its plot line and its animation execution. Nevertheless, Revisions managed to capture the hearts and attentions of fans in the U. Revisions centers around six characters—Daisuke Doujima, his four long-time school friends, and a time-leaping woman from the future named Milo.

Revisions Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

Produced by animation studio Shirogumi and directed by Goro Taniguchi, known for the Code Geass anime series, Revisions is a time-twisty anime that easily hooks audiences in with mind-boggling plot turns as well as surprisingly graphic and emotional fight scenes. Revisions also gets bonus appreciation points for quite literally eliminating stereotypical villains in the early episodes to make room for a much-less obvious, and far more interesting, character of evil.

Though the use of total CGI might have turned some viewers off to the show, those who stuck through the first few episodes were either accepting of the change or too distracted by the addicting story line to care. And now audiences are even more excited for the promise of a season two.

Revisions challenges anime fans to trust the series creators, despite some eye-rolling moments, and proves itself worthy of recognition. Revisions is available to stream on Netflix right now!

revisions anime season 2 release date

Have you had a chance to see the series for yourself? What are you most excited to see in the possible season two? Comment below! Revisions Anime via Studio Shirogumi. More from Netflix. View all Streaming Sites. View all Movies Sites.

View all TV Shows Sites. View all Celebrities Sites. View all Lifestyle Sites. View all Music Sites. View all Our Sites. Tweet Share Pin Comment.Will Revisions be returning for a second season? Let's explore the possibility. This article was recently reviewed and is up to date as of December 14, Revisions season 1 was a huge hit on Netflix, and it's now only a matter of time before we get season 2. Yes, unlike most animes, Revisions was not a manga first. This is usually unheard of in the anime community, so as of now, we have literally no idea what we can expect in the second season.

But before we can even discuss the plot of the second season, we must first explore if there is going to be a second season at all. It's just a matter of time before Netflix gives Revisions season 2 the greenlight, but as of right now, we have no official news regarding its renewal. The decision to renew the series isn't only going to be from Netflix. Fuji TV will ultimately have the final say when it comes to renewal, but Netflix's massive bank account is enough to sway any decision.

Anime takes quite a long time to be produced, and since Revisions has a lot of CG animation it may take a little longer than the average anime. So I wouldn't hold my breath for season 2 to come out anytime soon. There isn't any manga to go by as the show is completely original. The manga that is being written is based on the anime, so it doesn't have any new content at the moment. Especially so when it's an original series. But again, unless you have the script made and fixed in place, you can't start building the world.

So the script development itself takes a long time regardless of what you're working on, and with an original project, you have to make the script from scratch.


Then, based on the script, you have to then make the entire world from scratch with CG. It's a very difficult process — very challenging! So it all starts from there. And then, once you do the backgrounds and build the world itself, then you can put characters in it and see how they react and think about character movement. So that is a lot of work to start with.

The show follows a boy by the name Daisuke Dojima, who was kidnapped when he was a child. He is transported to years in the future with his friends, where they have to fight against a number of murderous cyborgs known as Revisions.

Watched netflix anime Revisions and damn it was gooood, hope for a season 2, and love the voice actors. Just finished watching revision in netflix.

Best netflix anime yet! Season 2? Binged netflix 's new anime Revisions Lead was understandably annoying, but grew on me. Share On.Revisions marks the latest in the growing number of Original anime available to stream on Netflix.

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And, after an excellent first season, subscribers have been asking when the can we expect Season 2 to arrive? First of all, has Revisions been renewed? Production of the anime was handled by Shirogumi, and Revision is arguably their biggest project to date.

The art style of the series is 3DCG, which has been very controversial within the anime community. Regardless, Revisions still looks stunning and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Second-year high school student Daisuke Toujima was abducted when he was a young child.

Involved in a special phenomenon called the Shibuya Drift, he and his childhood friends Gai, Ru, Marimari, and Keisaku were transferred to the center of Shibuya over years into the future. The world they once knew has changed. What awaits them is ruins, wilderness, and the Revisions, a cyborg species intent on killing. Now they have a responsibility to Shibuya. Can they save the city? Will Daisuke be able to return home to his original time?

Netflix holds the exclusive license to stream the series worldwide, but renewal ultimately comes down to Japanese television network Fuji TV. Netflix does hold some sway in the renewal decision making, thanks to the fact their money for licensing the anime contributes to production. Naturally, Twitter is the most interesting place to find opinions on some of the latest Originals. Revisions on netflix is pretty good!

Waiting for season 2! The creation of an anime can take a significantly long time, with one episode alone taking up to 6 months to be produced by a team. Fuji TV announced the series in March and was released in January Depending on renewal we can expect production of a second season to take around a year to develop. The second season will first air weekly in Japan before coming to Netflix. At the very earliest Revisions Season, 2 would arrive in the Summer of What's New on Netflix.

Coming Soon to Netflix. Leaving Soon.

Revisions season 2 air date, cast, plot, trailer and everything you need to know

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'Revisions Season 2': Everything We Know So Far

Subscribe to our Newsletter Enter your email address for weekly roundups of the biggest Netflix news.When Shibuya time-warps tohigh schooler Daisuke and his friends are conscripted by AHRV agent Milo to fight the hostile cyborg race, revisions. Seven years after a mysterious woman named Milo saved him and his friends, Daisuke's still training and waiting for disaster to strike.

Finally it does. She doesn't know him, but Milo conscripts Daisuke to fight the revision attacking the school. Shibuya officials try to figure out the situation. It's the year and the world has fallen to a pandemic. Milo tells Daisuke and his friends what she knows about the past. Later, they find trouble. Muta declares that the revisions will send a list of people back to in return for the String Puppets.

An unhappy Daisuke meets a revision. With Muta in jail and the police in charge, the S.

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Daisuke thinks he's the leader, but Kuroiwa wants Gai to take on that role. Marimari confronts Milo in the ruins of the birthday party, demanding to know the truth about the revisions. Daisuke's uncle escapes custody. Milo swears that they can return home. Daisuke and the squad set out on a mission to rescue the hostages and destroy the artificial quantum brain -- but the revisions are ready for them. In the wake of Keisaku's actions, the surviving revisions retool their plan.

While the S. Milo informs everyone that it's almost time for her to go tobut not before she participates in the battle against Mukyu at Shibuya station. The String Puppets are out of energy and Shibuya is running low on hope. Shibuya's people are overjoyed when the reversion works, but there's a cost. Nicholas jumps back in time, and Daisuke confronts him and Milo in Call Netflix Netflix.

Watch all you want. Videos revisions. Episodes revisions. Season 1.

revisions anime season 2 release date

Release year: Shibuya Transported 23m. Hero Complex 23m. The Guardians 23m. First Plan of Return 23m. The Future 23m. Human After All 23m.Anime fans rejoice, Revisions should be confirmed for a second season by Netflix any day now — the first series was hugely popular amongst fans and critics alike, especially towards the end of the season, where big twists took the show into new direction.

Revisions follows a student who's thrown years into the future with his friends, where he's forced to battle against evil forces controlling giant mechanical monsters. It's an original property, though the show's storyline is being extended by spin-off manga. So, what can we expect from season two when it's inevitably greenlit by Netflix?

We've travelled years into the future to find out Editor's note: we didn't really do that, so what follows is an informed estimate.

Don't expect it to land any time soon. Not only has it not been officially announced yet, but anime takes a long time to create, especially the intricately-designed CG animation which really is beautifully crafted that Revisions has won plaudits for. So, our best guess is mid-May — two years after season one premiered. As Revisions is completely original, it's hard to accurately guess what will come next, but keep an eye on the manga not yet translated into English for future plot-points — it started as a direct adaptation of the series but is moving towards original content, which could form the basis of any second season.

Kazuya Ide, producer at Shirogumi Inc, the CGI animation studio behind Revisions, knows how tough it is to develop a good, original story. But again, unless you have the script made and fixed in place, you can't start building the world. So the script development itself takes a long time regardless of what you're working on, and with an original project, you have to make the script from scratch.

Then, based on the script, you have to then make the entire world from scratch with CG. It's a very difficult process — very challenging! And then, once you do the backgrounds and build the world itself, then you can put characters in it and see how they react and think about character movement. So that is a lot of work to start with. With the response to Revisions full-CGI style being initially mixed from fans who quickly warmed to it when the series actually dropped we'd imagine the season two trailer will really show off the possibilities of the format, with lots of dynamic and kinetic 3D shots.

Of course, this is pure guesswork, as we haven't seen a single frame of animation yet, but logically they'll want to attract die-hard fans and doubters alike to season two, building on the strong fanbase they've already established.

As soon as it drops, we'll put it into this feature — so bookmark this page for all the latest Revisions news and scoops! Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features? Type keyword s to search. Revisions season 2 air date: When will it be on?Daisuke Dojima is a student who was kidnapped when he was a child. Now he and his friends are involved in one of the "Shibuya Drift" strange events, travelling years into the future.

There, the enemy known as "Revisions" fight using giant mechanical monsters.

revisions anime season 2 release date

Daisuke and his friends are fighting to defeat the enemy and recover their present. Fuji TV announced the series during a livestream event in March Writing for Monsters and Criticswriter Patrick Frye compared the Science Fiction anime to the isekai genre "except that an entire city is thrown into a new world via time travel.

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On March 29,a second season was officially announced to be in production. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article. JST on streaming platforms and aired on January 8, at a. Anime News Network. Retrieved March 28, Retrieved December 20, Retrieved April 23, Monsters and Critics.

revisions anime season 2 release date

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